Mark had been on a session before with tony, and returned today with Ben to further his skills. Upon examining their skills, it was looking and body position I had to work with for both of them.

The first half of the session was spent mainly on drops and jumps. Here I worked on getting the technique perfect, which meant they had a solid framework for the rest of the day. They were soon flying off the largest drop, starting to add style whilst in the air, and then clearing the gap jump when we moved across.

We moved up to work on cornering. We used first the hillside to practise the technique, and then we used the first half the skills trail, to work further on looking and speed management between sections.

After lunch we headed over to the quarry to work on steeper sections. Mark had ridden a couple of these previously, but I wanted to show Ben how maintaining the correct body position works better then what he had previously thought. They both had fears on drops with steeper take offs and landings, so I showed and demonstrated the chute drop. After a speed and line check they both rode of of it, landing perfectly, buzzing! We finished up over here with the alpine switchbacks as well.

Back over the other side we looked at a few more jumps. First we linked three berms and the larger tabletop which followed, then the gap which followed the second corner, and finally, the 9ft gap jump in the trees. Each was ridden perfectly after their mental questions were answered, and they finished the session by linking the whole trail, two corners, and the two gap jumps together.

Nice one guys!

Nath (@ukbikenath)