Back in June, Mark attended a one to one session with me and felt that he needed another session. Before anything I ran him through the skills check to see what had gone home from what I taught on our first session. With only a slight footwork error to work on I proceeded to the drop technique and using three drop sections next to eachother I was able to work on the footwork issue and the mental skills at teh same time by moving Mark onto the next one as the previous one was perfect and so on.
Next up was to further our disconnected bunny hop session from before onto the bunny hop technique and with great results.
It was time to move onto the skills trail where I break the 13 sections on it into segments and we worked heavily on each segment before linking it to the previous one. This way the trails energy was harnessed more effectively and flow was evident. After a few complete runs down the trail it came time to work on the tabletop and gap jump for the jump technique which was new for Mark. I worked methodically with Mark on jumping so as not to affect his confidence and commitment and in time he was jumping the tabletop cleanly. Then I moved him over to the gap side of the jump and the same result occurred, great stuff!
As Mark rides trail centers I took the opportunity to show him how to deal with the wooden trail sections that are common in those places and also we worked on steep roll downs.
A great session came to an end naturally as tiredness crept in.