Martin came back for a session with  Gavin, Jason and John as he wanted to share the day with them and also bring is riding on too.
The skills check showed I needed to work on looking, body positioning and footwork.
Drops were the 1st technique we covered and I worked on their mental skills here too and they rode all 3 drops easier than ever before.
Onto cornering and eventually we moved to carrying speed through 2 berms and removed the braking between them.
Next, we worked on linking drops and corners. Line choice and braking were worked on here and they knew when it was right or wrong and why!
I moved them onto riding steeps and their new skills shone through as they rode all the steeper sections easier and with far more control than ever before,
Onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and in a few small steps they were sailing across the jump and some even rode the gap jump too.
The session ended with a few runs of the pump and jump where they pumped, jumped and cornered like never before.
Mentally they were shattered by the end and our session ended.
An amazing session guys.