Martin explained to me that he struggled to flow down single track and was a wheels on the ground kind of rider but he rode a bmx back in the day. During the skills check I could see some natural skills buried away that needed bringing to the surface and also what skills were missing. Our session began.
Martin said that he had heard me say on forum that I mention pushing the bike all the time and to his surprise, this was something he did naturally. With some working on his looking and footwork he pushed the bike away and up came the front wheel.
From there we worked on pumping and the bunny hop techniques and these came to him quickly as the deep seated memories of riding bmx started to rise to the top. The drop technique was next and immediately Martin was flying in the air and landing perfectly. After a few runs at differing speeds we moved on the a trail with 9 sections on it and began working on linking the sections together methodically. Corners, roll ins and drops were stitched together effortlessly and soon Martin was flying down the trail. Finally we rode the trail end to end and it was clear that a new rider had emerged.
Great session Martin!