Alex had been on a session with me back in April 2010, Alex joined Mashood on the session to iron out any bad habits that maybe had crept in since our session but also to be part of his mates session too. We began with the skills check and I discovered what was already present in Mash and also could see that Alex had worked on his skills from our previous session. We worked on looking and body positioning in the push technique before moving onto the drop sections.
using the push technique, both riders were landing perfectly in no time at all. Next, we moved onto the trail where we worked on steps, rocks, drops, fly outs and pumping as well as flat, off camber, switchback and bermed corners.
Working our way down the trail, We linked each section to the next methodically and using the correct braking areas.

We spent a good while linking corners into drops then into corners and both Alex and Mash really began to shift.
We rode the entire trail end to end and the guys we tanking down the trail in less than ideal conditions.
Lastly we moved onto the tabletop and worked on handling the bike in the air. In no time at all both Mashood and Alex were landing cleanly on the down slope, Alex used his mental skill set and moved over and rode the gap side of the jump too more than once!
Fading light brought an end to our session and we rode back to the cars,smiles all round.
Great session guys!