On meeting, I gave them both my commitment for the session and an outline of what we will be doing. The mention of drops raised eyebrows!
During the skills check I found faults in footwork, looking and body position in cornering and looking faults in the push check with Steve but found that Matt had the technique down perfectly.
The first technique we covered as always were drops and in no time at all the boys were flying through the air off the drops and landing perfectly. I even began teaching them how to style it a bit too.

From there, we moved onto the trail and began working on the 14 sections contained within it and linking them together using their exits and entries.
Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners. Steps, drops, fly outs, rock gardens and the speed manual were technique was used to gain speed from the trail.
We worked our way methodically down the singletrack trail and the flow really began to show as they began to become more unconscious with their footwork and looking skills and also the body positioning particulay in Steve really shined.
We rode the trail end to end a few times and they flowed fluidly even though they both micro analyzed their errors.
We then moved onto the tabletop and also the gap jump side of it and began working on jumping and also moving the bike in the air to style it too.

They both used their mental skills set to ride the gap side easily and to end the session they wanted to see a larger gap so we moved onto a 9ft gap jump.
Matt correctly used his mental skill set to say no to it but Steve found he was a yes after I demonstrated it and rode it so smoothly 3 times over and that ended our session.
Great session guys!