Matt, Anthony and Matt arrived as arranged and although they had varied experience between them , They wanted a session to see if they can get better at all. Well, the skills check showed me the missing skills and I set to work on their looking and body positioning and the all important mental skills too. We moved through the drop technique that I teach and they were all blown away at how simple it felt. I moved across to jumping as none had cleared a tabletop before and one by one they sailed over the 6ft jump and landed on the transition perfectly. Ant and Mat applied their new skills ets to clearing their first ever gap jump too when faced with the gap jump side.
 After a break we continued with cornering and this made a huge difference as the slippy conditions amplified any errors. They were riding through three berms and loving their new skills and errors were being self diagnosed now too. We worked on steeper terrain and the ease of riding down very steep drop offs was something they all commented on.
 We worked on pumping and carrying speed through sections to be able to jump other sections and this was something that cemented the body positioning skill. I could see they were tiring but I wanted them to use their mental skills again to decide if to ride a section or not so off to a 9ft gap jump we went. I demonstrated and one of the Matt s said he was done and not continuing whilst other Matt rode it easily time and again. Anthony was tiring but wanted to ride it and trying whilst not applying his mental skills correctly made him slide off on landing and he knew he was too tired now for another go so our session came to an end. Cracking session guys and let me know how the riding goes.