Matt came to me from Cheshire after having previously been coached by a company in Cannock. On meeting we shared a coffee and chatted about his background and aspirations.
I began with the skills check and found he needed work in looking and body position in all areas and after a set up tweak I set to work.
We began with the drop technique and straight away Matt applied both his physical and mental skill sets to ride them all easily and I was even able to show why the skill set enabled him to style it in the air a bit too.

We moved onto the skills trail and I worked hard on his pumping and cornering to begin with. We then linked flat bermed, off camber and switchback turns into steps, rock gardens,fly outs and drops. Each section was linked to the next using the correct braking areas.

I worked on linking drops into corners and before long, Matt was riding the trail end to end. Each run was smoother and faster than before and the smile on his face was great to see as he easily controlled the speed of the trail.

I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop to show why the same skills applied there too and to his amazement, he sailed over the jump with ease and even rode the 6ft gap jump side too!

To end the session I moved us onto the pump and jump trail and I taught Matt to manual over tabletops, pump and jump.
Thanks for being part of a great session Matt