I met the guys as arranged and over a coffee we chatted about their aspirations for the session and then we began.
The skills check revealed the present and missing skills and I changed their set ups accordingly.
We began with the drop technique and why the mental and physical skill sets apply and the guys started landing perfectly from the word go and all commented on how easy it now felt.

I moved us onto the skills trail and began working on pumping the trail and using the aquired energy to ride the next sections. I worked hard on their footwork, looking and body positions in all sections and soon they were linking flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns to steps, drops, rock gardens and fly out jumps.

After a good few runs of the complete trail I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. Matt, Manny and Jai were worried about this at first but that soon passed as they sailed over the jump with ease. The 6ft gap jump proved no problem either and Jai was styling it too!
I moved us onto the pump and jump trail and began working on their pumping technique more so they could generate speed to jump a 9ft tabletop which was the 3rd section on the trail.

They began using the techniques by choice and choosing whether to jump or pump a section too and then they asked me how to manual through jumps.
I rode the entire trail for them and demonstrated both manuals and jumping different sections and then it was their turn

It took them a while to get it but all the techniques began to work but they were now beginning to tire mentally as well as physically and I called an end to the session.
I rode a high fast line on the woodwork so they could see the exact same skills in use in my own riding and then we celebrated the ride with a cold beer each.
Awesome session!