Matt had been to me for a mountain bike coaching session before, and this time he brought along his friend stephan. I ran them both through the skills checks, Matt to see what he had retained from last time, and Stephan to see what I had to correct. We moved into drops and the tabletop. We raced through drops as they were both very comfortable on the largest one, and on the table top I worked on getting stephan to clear it, and with Matt, I worked on bringing out his technique so he could jump it with a whole lot less speed. We worked on cornering, linking three berms and a tabletop next. It is important to be able to ride what comes before and after a jump, which is a corner in a lot of cases, and this allowed them to, instead of going round all three berms, link in a wooden ladder gap after the second corner. I moved on to show Stephan a larger gap jump, which Matt had ridden in his previous session. Stephan had a very natural in weight which meant he didn’t need a lot of speed to clear this distance. I moved up the hill for them to both work on our new gap trail. Luckily the wind was behind us so it didn’t affect them at all. This was about linking jump sections together, as you needed to be consistent to get further down the trail. I could see they were tiring, and I moved onto steeps, which was mainly for Stephans benefit. He dropped in straight and sideways with no problem. Matt was also using his unweight technique to take off and jump off of here. We didn’t have much left in them so I showed them one more drop, which has a down hill run in and is mentally more challenging. Matt had ridden this before and rode it nicely, and Stephan decided that after five hours in, he had run out of concentration and our session came to an end.

Great to see you again Matt, and nice to meet you Stephan. See you again.

Nath (@ukbikenath)