After a late start due to m1 traffic we got into the skills health check and I discovered all of them had some skills issues but had tried to make amends for them in their own individual way. I set out to correct these. A few set up changes enhanced their looking into the next and we began working through pumping, bunny hops and the drop technique. Tom, Matt and Si really got to grips with these techniques, Simon’s lack of confidence on the bunny hop was not evident on the drop technique at all.
We then worked on technical climbing using the new skill set and after my demonstration they all got further than using their old techniques.
We then moved onto a trail and worked on all the sections that presented themselves and linked them all together methodically and gradually the mental skill set grew and grew. Calmly and confidently the guys stitched the sections on the trail together and the drop section at the end became just another section.
At the end of the session the boys had a new skill set,knew what an entry, section and exit were and demonstrated trail energy management.
Awesome session!