Matt came to me via recommendation and arrived nice an early and the forecast  rain never arrived.
 We began with the skills check and I found footwork and looking was in need of work and then I was able to work on Matt’s body positioning. Drops as ever was the first features we applied the mental and physical skills to and the technique just blossomed from there as he rode all three drops to 3ft high with absolute ease.
 We moved on and worked on cornering before moving to the top half of the skills singletrack trail to apply the skills in real world. It was a very much conscious re action at first but after a break for coffee we were soon able to ride the whole trail end to end and every run got smoother and faster as a result. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, rocks, drops, absorbing and pumping.
 We ended our session on another trail after a good few runs of the pump and jump trail, linking three berms together and the fade away jump that eds the trail. Amazing session with an awesome bloke.