Matt was given a one to one session as a gift for his birthday. On meeting, I gave him the out line of the session but explained it was governed by what the skills check reveals. I found looking and body position faults and once I had changed his handle bar set up we set to work.
I began with drops and I worked on moving the bike in the air. This maintains body position during flight and makes it look stylish too. I then moved onto drops into berms. This is something that we worked very hard on. I moved onto an isolated berm to further work on it before riding down the skills trail top to bottom to remove the process and target fixation habit of Matt’s.
This worked a treat as Matt began really flowing down the trail and its 9 corners. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were worked on.

We moved onto jumping. Matt was comfy on tabletops but gaps were another matter. In no time he was styling the jumps too!
For our final section we moved onto a 9ft gap jump too and Matt used his mental skill set to good effect to ride that too.

We ended the session to a cold beer and a walk around the herts woodwork. I am looking forward to Matt’s future riding updates and to seeing him again .