Matt’s company he works for offers payment towards personal development and he used this for his coaching session with me.
On meeting as arranged I gave him an outline of what I aimed to do for his riding today and set to work.
The skills check revealed some great habits that were bogged down by missing skills and once they and his set up were corrected we moved to the drop area to apply his new skills.
I worked hard on Matt’s looking and body position during the session and particularly to the drop technique and the effect was immediate. Matt was landing perfectly from the word go and confidently and with new found commitment, rode all 3 drops.

It was time to move onto the skills trail and i began with the pump technique which Matt grasped easily. We then used the speed gained to link the rest of the sections on the trail. Berms, switchbacks, off camber and flat corners were linked using the correct braking areas to steps, fly out jumps, drops and rock gardens. I worked on the trail in bite size chunks before adding the previous sections to the next. I worked hard on linking drops into corners and line choice too before finally riding the entire trail end to end. Each run was faster and more controlled than the last.

Matt began to show signs of tiring so I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop, something he had never done before and in a few small steps he sailed over it. After a few clears, mental tiredness took its toll and I ended the session with a riding demonstration on the woodwork at herts where Matt could see the exact same skills in use in my own riding.
Awesome riding Matt and I can’t wait for your riding updates.