Pete, Paul, Tim, Keith, Nick,Neil and John turned up as arranged and myself and Nathan set about installing the skill set both mental and physical that is required for the techniques of jumping and drops.

We began with the drop technique and all seven riders began getting air under their wheels from the word go. Their new looking and body positioning skills working straight away and they all applied their mental skills too to decide what to ride. We moved onto linking drops into corners so I gave them some basic cornering coaching and they began riding these too!

We had a break for lunch and then returned to work on jumping and for this we 1st used a fly out jump to flat and focused on getting air and then later we moved onto a tabletop and 6ft gap jump.

 The ease of the technique and the confidence gave was there for all to see by the smiles on their faces.
Some moved over to the gap jump and used their mental skills accordingly.

They were getting tired now but I wanted to teach them why the skill set can be used in pumping to generate speed through undulations to gain enough speed to get air time with out pedaling. This  we did for the final part of the session until all agreed they were mentally tired and we ended with a tour of the herts skills area and all its sections.
 Great session and May the 4th be with you, always!