Michael came down from the isle of man for a mtb skills session with me after reading recommendations online. He explained he wanted to get better at cornering and flowing down trails easier as they feel very stop-start.

The skills check revealed the areas that needed work and also uncovered some good habits too.

We began with the drops and applied the skill set, both mental and physical, to the technique and immediately Michael began landing perfectly and easily.

We then moved onto the trail and its 14 sections and began working on linking them together using the correct braking areas.

We worked on pumping, flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Fly out jumps, steps, rock gardens and drops. All were linked methodically and smoothly together.

We worked hard on line choice when riding drops into corners and then we began riding the entire trail.

Each run was becoming smoother and faster than the previous as Michael used the trails energy to great effect.

We then moved onto the pump and jump trail to further work on using a trails energy and Micheal connected with the trail nicely and began naturally jumping the tabletop that is present along it by generating speed through the sections before it.

The session ended with smiles all round and I can’t wait for Michael s riding updates.