Mike and Ollie booked in with myself a few months ago and today was their day. Rain greeted us and  pretty much stayed with us all of the session  but that didn’t dampen their day. I began with checking their bikes over and then ran them through the skills check. I found they needed development in the areas of footwork, body positioning and looking and I demonstrated why they need to be present for the techniques we teach here at ukbikeskills.

We began with the drop technique and they began landing perfectly and used their new mental skills sets to decide to ride the largest, easily too. We moved on to jumping tabletops and I used a 6ft tabeletop for this. By controlling speed, they were able to focus on their corrected skills and in a while they were both sailing the jump and landing perfectly on the transition 6ft away. They used their mental skills to ride the gap jump side also and any errors were already being self diagnosed and corrected, Amazing stuff!

We took a welcome coffee break and resumed with riding steeper terrain and near vertical drop offs. Their new skills made it all way less dramatic and controlled as they rode each section following my demonstration of the required technique. Cornering was next on the menu, followed by pumping sections of trail which we gelled together later when linking pumping multiple sections of the trail, railing three linked berms and jumping a large faced jump. They were loving their new skills and Ollie wanted to push his perception of his limits on further by riding a 7ft ladder gap that he’d spotted too. Woop woop, over the jump he went as Mike continued loving his new fluid riding style on the pump and jump trail. I knew they were tiring very quickly as adrenaline was sucking their energy from them now and I felt it was time to end the session but before I did I demonstrated a 9ft gap jump that earlier, they would have rode but now tired and wet they used their mental skills correctly to decline riding the  jump and they knew they couldn’t answer their mental skills questions positively, knowing that it would be there for another day. Great riding guys and it was a pleasure to coach you both.