Mike attended a session with me 2 years ago and wanted to return to further his own riding and also share a session with his riding buddy’s Tristan, Dot, Joe and Tom. I found they needed work on looking and body positioning as well as the mental skills and I made some crucial set up changes too. We moved onto the drop technique and they quickly rode all 3 easier than before and landing in more control. We moved onto the skills trail and began work on linking all 14 sections of the trail together via line choice and control areas. Pre jumps, absorbing, rock gardens, steps jumps and drops were all linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.
A midway break in the heat was welcome and we resumed. Before long they were riding the whole trail end to end and fast too. Any errors were self diagnosed and recognised.
Next we applied the skills sets to riding tabletops and gap jumps and in a few steps they not only cleared the tabletop but also the 6ft gap jump too.
 we moved onto riding steeper terrain and the body positioning required and After demonstrations from myself they began using their mental skills to decide what technique to apply to riding a near vertical drop off.
Lastly, we worked on linking 2 berms together and carry speed out of them with Tristan saling over a wooden gap jump was a cherry on the top.
 Cracking session.