Mike has entered the Trans Portugal enduro and wanted to work on his trail fluidity and make sure he was not wasting energy on descents. The skills check showed me that he was weaker on right turns and that he needed looking and body positioning worked on as well as the all important mental skills. Jumping tabletops was not on the menu for today, Drops were first up and his new skills set made Mike comment on how simple and easy it suddenly felt. Next up was applying the skills to cornering and linking sections of a trail together. I used the skills trail which has 14 sections contained within it. We worked on it in bite sized chunks before later linking the whole trail together. Pumping, steps, rocks, drops and drop offs were linked with flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns. By the time he was riding it top to bottom we began working on building and carrying speed rather than his stop start effort of before today.
 Onto steeper terrain and first a long steep slope, then a near vertical drop off . I demonstrated two different ways of riding it and Mike followed suit, simples! Later we rode a short steep slope to immediate corner to jump and that got easier and easier as his skills set embedded further. 
Lastly we worked on pumping and absorbing multiple sections of trail with seat up and then down to show the difference and we even rode the trails a few times together.
Great session, high5!