Rich has been coached by myself before, two years or more ago in fact and this time he returned with Steve, Dave and Jeremy. I was able to move rich’s riding on further during this session as well as develop the others too. This is how it all went down.

The other guys had not had any mountain bike coaching previously and I began them all the same way, by doing my skills check. I found the areas that needed work physically before working on the mental skills.

We began by applying their new skills to riding over logs before moving to cornering and linking two turns sandwiched between pumping and a rock garden. From there we moved to carrying speed through three berms. This blew them all away.

We took a break and resumed with working on body positioning when riding steep terrain and also a very steep drop off. This I demonstrated riding in two very different ways and they all followed suit by applying their mental skills.

Next up was the drop technique and it wasn’t long before they were all riding the largest drop and landing perfectly. I knew the session was tiring them and a slide off by Steve on the 6ft tabletop ┬áconfirmed that and he sat out the rest of the session as he is riding to Edinburgh next week and wanted to save himself. The other three, one by one sailed over the 6ft tabletop with ease and Rich and Dave rode the gap jump too.

We ended our session by working on line choice and braking control when linking drops into turns. We ended the session and retired to the local pub for a welcome refreshment ­čÖé




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