I have coached Ellen before and this time Her mum Sue joined the session as she lacked confidence when riding and a recent trip to Spain really knocked her confidence as she found herself walking down most things. The session would involve installing Sue’s skills set and developing Ellen’s skills too. I was able to work on style in the air with Ellen whilst getting Mum comfortable in the air on drops. I worked on Ellen’s weaker right turns whilst working on mums footwork and looking in her cornering. We worked on linking drops and drop offs and also drops into turns too. The rain didn’t deter us as we moved smoothly and unhurried through applying the mental and physical skills to many sections found on trails.

Mum said that she had only rolled over jumps and had no idea how to jump but befoe the end of the session herself along with Ellen were sailing a 6ft table top with Ellen moving onto the 6ft gap jump and then the 9ft gap jump. What a session!!!!! I’ll be buzzing all night now.




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