Jason came to me nearly 3 years ago and returned to find any errors that had crept in and also to move his riding on again. The skills check showed me a body position error in cornering and I knew from before that we’d have to work on the mental skills too.
 The drop technique was first and I was able to get Jason to move the bike laterally in the air too as he became more centered. From there we moved to cornering and used 2 berms for this and worked on carrying speed through them. We then linked drops into corners and braking control and line choice were developed.
 Next, we worked on steeper terrain and drop offs and soon Jason was riding down a near vertical drop off with no worries at all and more control. We moved again to the jump technique and using a 6ft tabletop and gap jump we worked on the phases of the technique and the mental skills too and soon he was sailing over the 6ft gap jump with a grin as big as the gap.
Lastly, we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on generating speed from the trail and choosing when and why to jump or pump through sections of a trail and before the end, Jason had linked the earlier 2 berms into the line and rode the 7ft ladder gap jump too.
 Great improvements dude and keep working on the points I gave you in cornering.