I  coached Kate nearly 2 years ago and today she returned to bring her riding on some more both physically and mentally. Kate had recently changed her handlebars and I needed to adjust them for her as they affected her control. I began with developing her body position in corners more and the effect was immediate as Kate felt more grip was available. From there I moved onto the 6ft tabletop which was on the menu last time but tiredness dictated that it was a no go but this time it was different. In a few steps Kate was sailing over the  jump and the smile beamed across her face.
 We moved onto the pump and jump trail to develop her pumping through sections and generating speed to jump other sections, we also covered manualing sections too.
 We had a break and moved onto other techniques such as alpine switchbacks and riding steep terrain too. I could see Kate was starting to tire but I wanted to bring her to the drop sections as I knew from before that She had a mental block for the largest one. This time however, Kate rode all 3 with little problem. Our session ended soon after and we shared a cold beer each and walk around the skills area.
 See you soon Kate!