Mike contacted me saying that after many years of riding he has plateaued in his riding. We began as always with the skills check where I see what skills are missing but as importantly which are already present and maybe un noticed.
our first technique we worked on using the new skills set was bi lateral pumping and then the dis connected bunny hop. It became clear very quickly that Mike could ride a bike but lacked only a few answers to complete his riding. From there we moved onto the drop and jump techniques and working on a small drop I could isolate any physical skill that was lacking in a safe environment. Soon Mike was flying and landing perfectly. I then moved us onto a small table top and we worked on 3 skills whilst I controlled the approach speed and soon mike was airborne again.
We then moved onto a trail with 9 sections on it and began working on cornering 1st. Mike’s footwork was great which enabled us to work on looking into the next and body positioning.
We worked our way down the trail stitching each section together methodically using the identified braking zones. Section after section flew past and Mike was really flowing down the trail fast and controlled.
Amazing session and a great end to a great days coaching.