Keith has been to me twice in the past 3 years and he contacted me feeling like something as missing enough for him to need another session. I found he had slacked on his body position so I knew what to work and why. We started on drops and Keith could feel the return of the full skill set and we even worked on moving the bike in the air too. We moved onto the skills trail and I developed his pumping as he was having trouble getting over the crest of steep up slopes.

It wasn’t long at all before Keith was riding the trail end to end again and the mental and physical skills were in full use. I moved onto a new singletrack trail and worked on various ways of riding drop offs where you don’t want to get air time. 

We then moved to the top of the trail and broke it down into three segments so we could focus on each section completely before riding the entire trail end to end. Seeing Keith drop in at the end of the trail with a big smile on his face was awesome. Keith was tiring and After a couple of goes at another drop and a couple of punctures we had enough time to roll a steep drop off on the way back to the cars.
 Great session Keith. High5!