Paul found out from the guys about my coaching as he rides with them all the time and as they have booked another session with me, Paul wanted one before joining them on their forth coming session in April.
 The skills check showed me that I needed to work on his looking and body positioning as well as the mental skills set too. The drops were the first sections we applied the new skills set to the technique involved in getting air from and the effect was immediate and we quickly moved to jumping and landing on the backside of tabletops. Soon , Paul was sailing over the 6ft tabletop and then repeated the move as he rode the 6ft gap jump too. We worked on cornering and the required positioning for enhanced grip and then worked on pumping, jumping and linking everything we’d covered so far together.
 We worked on linking drops into corners and via line choice and braking areas we eliminated the comfort braking he was doing through his turns. Next, we worked on different ways of riding very steep drop offs and that blew Paul away as now it all felt so simple.
 Back to pumping and jumping and I added a 7ft gap jump into the mix and later on, a 9ft gap jump. Paul rode them individually before riding the whole line a few times.A little bit of work on endo’s and turning endo’s before we moved to adding style and moving the bike in the air. 
Over five and  half hours since we began, our session came to a close and I cannot wait for Paul to return with the mudhugger brothers to further their riding some more.