Murray attended a group session a few months back but now felt it was time to come back for a one to one session.
As always I put Murray through the skills check to see what installed and what is still a work in progress.
1st technique was pumping which we covered before but this time Iwas able to ramp it up a bit and show how to bi laterally pump too.
On to the drop technique and it was here that Murray had confidence issues,. slowly, I sped him up once the other skills were set in and air time began to be the norm rather than the exception!
Murray was now smiling like a Cheshire cat.
We moved onto cornering and built on the footwork and looking from before and onto body positioning and also over coming the protective mechanism he has when speed increases.
We worked on 6 sections and worked on the braking areas and where footwork changes.
Gradually, tiredness began to tell on Murray and he called time on the session.
Awesome improvements and i look forward to the updates during the coming weeks.