Neil and Dave ride in the surrey hills and wanted to come to me upon recommendation from others. On meeting, we shared a coffee and chatted about their aspirations for the session. I could see that I needed to change both of their set ups and I knew i would have to work on their mental skills too.
The skills check revealed they had missing footwork, body and looking faults so I set to work.

We began and much to their surprise, with drops and I showed why their new skill set applied and immediately they began landing perfectly and rode all 3 with ease! We moved onto the skills trail and I began with the pumping technique and then applied their skill sets to link in a berm and flat corner. I added in a rock garden and 2 more corners and they rode them easily. Both Dave and Neil were flowing nicely through the top 6 sections. I showed why their skill set could be used to jump and added in the fly out and corner with a step on the exit. This proved easier than they thought as now the smiles beamed as they were riding.

I demonstrated line choice when linking drops into corners and then it was time for them to ride the whole trail end to end. The difference in their riding was stunning as they began to ride together and really flow down the whole trail.

A few runs were done and we had a break before moving onto our final technique, jumping tabletops.
Both of them looked at me as if I were mad when I showed the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to them but after I demonstrated it to them they used their mental skill set to decide they would ride it.

In a few minutes they were both sailing over it and the laughter rang out across the countryside. The joy on Neils face when he sailed over and landed so smoothly was a picture and Dave followed suit.

Dave called time after a few runs across it but Neil wasn’t done yet, He moved onto the gap jump side and rode that 3 times too! Our session ended there and I showed the same skill set I teach in use in my own riding on a line at herts bringing a great session to a close.
High5 guys!