Neil and Rich booked up what seemed a lifetime ago but the time flew by and today was the day they were meant to have. The session started as we always start, with the skills check and along with some set up tweaks the physical skills were replenished and that left the mental skills.

Drops were first on the menu and it wasn’t long before they were landing perfectly and with less effort than ever before. We then moved to cornering and later to linking drops into a corner. I demonstrated as always and the boys followed suit as the videos show at the bottom of this post, they were getting to grips with it all so well. We then worked on their nemesis, jumping. Both Neil and Rich had bad experiences in the past when jumping so the mental skills were paramount here. One by one however they both sailed the 6ft tabletop and followed up with riding the gap jump side over and over again. I could see on their faces that adrenaline was coursing through them but I wanted to move onto linking three berms and jumping a larger faced jump, something that again proved simple and easier than they ever imagined.

They had both seen the blogs before and commented on how much bigger it all looks in real life but next up was a 7ft ladder gap jump, followed by a 9ft gap. They both took their time assessing things and deciding in their own time and using their mental skills to ride them and eventually rode the whole line end to end a few times too. The sun shone down on them and they were loving it but tiring very quickly as the adrenaline buzz tore the remaining energy from them. Our session came to a close and the beer garden of the local pub beckoned. Amazing improvements guys.




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