I coached Neil two years ago and he wanted to return to work on his confidence. I could see the physical skills set was still solid in him and this proved to be the case as we began with the drop technique where i was able to demonstrate why the skill set makes styling in the air easy. We moved on to the six foot table top and gap jump where i isolated both techniques of the jump technique. Neil was once again able to easily clear the jumps but make it look stylish. From there we worked on cornering heavily and on carrying speed through two berms so no pedalling was needed to clear a seven foot gap jump. We then worked on all the sections above the two berms amd worked on manualls, jumps amd pumping to maintain and gain. Speed through the whole trail and he was flying. We moved on from there to work on line choice smd brraking when ridimg drops into corners. For old times sake Neil rode the whole skills trail for the first time this session and linked it all together beautifully. We then moved onto applying the same principals when riding raised woodwork, as we do when riding on the ground. By the end of our session Neil was riding a 200 mitre line which colminates in a drop from a seven foot high ladder. Our session ended soon after as Neil was tired but very happy and confidence was restored.
High 5!