Neill contacted me and wanted a one to one session. as with all my one to one clients I asked for pictures or video’s if possible to tailor the day and to see what areas i can focus on. Neill’s was obvious, so I began working on it as soon as we started. On the climb to the skills area we worked on the looking along the trail.
After some time spent on the mechanics of pumping I went on to show how it applies to the drop technique.
Neill then applied it to a natural drop section too.
We then worked on Neills’ cornering technique and things went from strength to strength.
We then went on to a natural trail and stitched all the new techniques together and was flowing nicely. We ended the session as always with a free session of riding and neill was getting tired but still hooning down the trails over cooking on one corner but he instantly told me where/why it had gone wrong so we carried on down th atrail and ended with coffee and grub at the hub.