Neil came to me wanting to build confidence in his own ability as a rider and gain the skills to get some airtime.The skills check revealed the areas that needed work so i set to work developing his body position and looking skills. Once corrected, we moved onto the drops to apply Neils new skills.
immediately, Neil was landing perfectly and commented on the ease of it. He rode all 3 drops a few times before we moved onto the skills trail itself.

We began working on pumping to use the trails energy and linked that into flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. We linked in steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps and drops using the correct braking areas. We worked along the trail linking each section together and when Neil rode the entire trail, he really was flowing smoothly and fast.

We then moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and Neil used his new skill set to sail over the tabletop and used his mental skills set to also clear the gap jump a few times too.

Lastly, we moved onto the pump trail and Neil used his pumping and jumping techniques to gain speed to jump the 9ft tabletop on it.
Awesome session!