Neil searched around on the web over the years and found nothing really made sense or worked for him but when googling mountain bike skills coaching he found ukbikeskills and booked a session.

When he arrived he said that he would like to work on his confidence and maybe even get some air under his wheels. The skills check showed that he had habits from other sports that needed correcting and then it was just down to applying his new mental skills.

We began with cornering and the answer of why he always washed the front wheel out was clear for him as his new skills gave grip beyond a level he thought possible. We applied the same to corners contained on some singletrack before moving to pumping and carrying speed through multiple berms.

We took a break and resumed with the drop technique that we at ukbikeskills teach. Neil was blown away t hom simple it was and totally controlled too. Neil had never cleared a tabletop before so we moved to the 6ft tabletop and worked on speed and effort required and “boom” he was clearing that again and again.

Steeper terrain was next including a near vertical drop off. The smile on his face said it all as he felt totally in control and that meant he could control speed.

We ended the session working on riding over obstacles but the mental and physical efforts of the day meant he was too tired to continue and an awesome session came to a close.




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