We met as arranged and as always began with the skills health check where it allows me to see which skills the riders already posses and which are missing and need work on.
Neil’s footwork and looking skills were not there at all so I began working on this. On the climb up from the hub we worked on looking around each corner on the way up and this is a really good way of getting used to looking way farther along the trail but with the speed managed by the climb so the rider is comfortable.
I worked on the drop technique first with Neil as he had a habit of pulling the bike up with his feet whilst performing the technique.
gradually we began working this out of his technique and soon had Neil landing controlled. We then moved onto riding down rocky sections and with footwork adjustments, Neil could feel more planted and in control of the bike and trail.
I found a log and showed the dis connected bunny hop and it’s two pushes to Neil and only the timing prevented him from performing it but the elements were there and I know Neil will have that technique nailed very very soon.
We worked on linking sections in the trails together including corners, drops and adverse camber sections.
With his new looking and footwork, Neil really began to fly through sections linking them up sweetly.
We ended our session with a complete run top to bottom and really flowed down the trail to the fantastic food and coffee at the hub.
great session.