Mark, Nick, Matt and Justin arrived as arranged and the skills check showed they needed work on looking, footwork and body positioning. I made some set up changes and off we went to apply both physical and mental skills to our first technique, drops. It took no time at all for them to begin landing perfectly and they knew why too and they rode all 3 drops.
Next, we did some cornering exercises and then moved to the skills trail. I used the top half first and worked on pumping, 4 corners and a rock garden before moving to a section of two linked berms to work on carrying speed.
A break for lunch and we resumed with riding the bottom half of the trail and working on braking, line choice and more advanced cornering techniques and before long they were riding the whole trail end to end.
They were linking all 14 sections on the trail together and any mistakes were self diagnosed.
For what proved to be our final application of both skills sets I moved onto jumping the 6ft tabletop and over a period of time all 4 of them cleared the tabletop and Mark used his mental skills to positive effect to ride the 6ft gap jump a few times too.
Over 5hrs since we began and mentally I could see they were drained and our session ended with a tour of the woodwork and a riding demonstration of the same skills being used on the woodwork  from myself.
Awesome session.