Nick and Marie made the journey to woburn sands for a skills session with me and had years of experience riding in many places around the world but were firmly a wheels on the ground kind of riders. After the skills check I began working on the missing skills in them but also on bringing out the natural push they had both developed in the time they have been riding.
To un weight the front end we used this push and with the addition of their missing looking skill the front wheel raised up easily. From there we worked on pumping and with a few adjustments they soon began pumping their way along the single track and not pedaling.
Now came the drop technique and using two different sections to develop the technique both physically and mentally I was able to get them to both take off and land and get used to the bike in the air. The time we spent on this technique was important as it is an invaluable technique in trail riding.
We then worked on climbing and using the skill set before moving onto a trail to work on cornering and linking sections on a trail together.
By the end of our session both Marie and Nick were riding smoothly and with a new physical skill set and mental skill set too.
Awesome session!