Nick and Matt were bought a session as a gift for xmas and today was the day. we were greeted by snow fall but it wasn’t enough to jeopardize the session so we began. The skills check showed me the ares that needed work and I began correcting the missing physical skills before I ws able to work on the mental skills.
 Drops were first and their new positioning amazed them as they landed all three drops easier than ever before and way more controlled. We moved across to jumping, something they had unsuccessfully tried before but today was the day to have the missing skills put back in place so the technique could shine through. The 6ft tabletop sailed beneath them after a short while and a welcome break for hot drinks followed. 
 We resumed back at the tabletop but now they used their mental skills to ride their first ever gap jump and the 6ft jump once again sailed beneath them and they the smiles never left their faces. We worked on pumping and carrying speed through corners once their footwork, looking and body positioning were corrected and they were pumping, railing three berms and jumping with ease.
Steep terrain was next and they were amazed at how easy and simple everything now was as they both rode a near vertical drop off with confidence and control.
 Next we worked on linking drops into corners and the control areas and line choices involved. Before long both Matt and Nick were riding the whole trail end to end and were visibly faster than earlier in the day. Nathan stopped his jump digging to cast his eye on them and nodded his approval on their progress.
Five hours after we began , small errors began creeping in and it wasn’t long before it was clear that the session needed to end before a small error becomes a large crash. What a session guys and let me know how the riding goes
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