Nick turned up as arranged and although he’d not been riding mtb for long, he skateboarded loads as a kid and this was something I could wake back up. I found i needed to work on body positioning and looking and made some set up changes and showed nick why.
 The drops were the first sections we applied both mental and physical skills too and the effect was immediate. Nick was able to begin to style it too.

  From there we moved onto the skills trail and worked on linking the 14 sections contained on the trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. We worked our way down the trail and applied the skills and soon Nick was riding end to end faster and more controlled than ever before.

  Next up was the 6ft tabletop and gap. Nick had issued with these before and once I had removed the errors in his skills, he was flying over the tabletop and used his mental skills to ride the gap a few times too!

 Onto the pump and jump trail next and after demonstration from myself, Nick began  working on pumping, manualing and jumping sections on the trail and even linked the 2 berms into a ladder gap jump. A few runs more and I could see Nick was tiring fast both physically and mentally so a great session came to a close.