Nick came back for more coaching after attending a group session back in May. I ran him through the skills check and found the footwork and looking we worked on before had stuck and now I was able to work on his body position in all areas.
We worked on drops and I worked on his body positioning there and Nick could feel the difference straight away. I moved us onto the skills trail and worked on the top half first before adding the lower half later on. I really worked hard on nicks body position in corners and it made such a difference to his confidence and control. I worked on linking drops into corners and when Nick began riding the trail end to end he linked all 14 sections together even better than before.

I then moved onto the pump trail and worked on developing his pump technique further so he could generate enough speed to jump a tabletop on the trail.
I moved us to the isolated 6ft tabletop and gap jump and began working on his body position in 3 phases of jumping and he said he felt so controlled doing it.

The gap jump proved no problem either as he applied his mental skill set to it.

lastly, I began working on his mental skills by riding a 2ft high ladder drop and this he rode a few times before mental tiredness appeared and Nick called an end to the session.
Massive improvements again Nick!