Nick turned up as arranged and I lost no time in putting him through my skills check where I discovered looking and body position faults and I set about correcting these before moving on to the drop technique.
Nick has a habit of staring down when pushing off of drops and I began removing this.
Soon he was landing perfectly.
We then moved onto the trail where I worked section by section and added it to the previous as we worked our way methodically along the trail.
Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber corners were linked to steps, pump bumps, rock gardens and fly outs.
I worked on Nicks peripheral fear to that we uncovered and worked on the mental aspect of the skills set.
We linked drops into berms too before we rode the entire trail end to end quite a few times and with each run Nick was getting more fluid and smooth as his new body position became more of a natural action.

We then worked on getting air under his wheels using a fly out and table top. This uncovered a protective mechanism but I worked hard on this and also his peripheral fear too and soon he was airbourne.
The session ended as mental fatigue crept in and I look forward to Nick’s riding updates!