Nige and Jez made the journey from Swindon and during the skills check I could see that they needed work on footwork, looking and body position but also the mental skills too.
 We began with drops and soon they were landing perfectly and feeling like it was nothing. From there, we moved to the skills trail and I used the top half to begin with to focus on pumping , riding rocks and linking corners together.

  We had a break and then resumed by riding steeper stuff and working on the mental and physical skills required.

Moving back to the bottom half of the skills trail, and I worked on jumping using a fly out and linking in steps, corners and drops. Soon they were riding the entire trail and linking all 14 sections together via the control areas and and errors were already being self diagnosed.
 They were showing signs of mental and physical tiredness but at the start they said they wished to learn how to jump and I didn’t let them down. Not only did they both clear the 6ft tabletop a good few times but Jez also cleared the gap jump side a few times too before mentally they were shot and our session ended.
 What an awesome session.