Mark and Nigel arrived and we chatted of their aspirations and expectations for the session. Mark had ridden for years and Nigel for a couple but they shared the session together as friends and riding buddies.

The skills check revealed the areas of footwork, looking and body positioning needed work before I could work on their mental skills.

I made some set up changes and then set to work. The drop technique was first up and it wasn’t long before they were riding them easier than they could have before and already self diagnosing errors.

We then worked on cornering and delved into their past skiing experiences which really surprised them both as they found more grip than they thought possible on a bike.

We worked on steeper terrain and steep drop offs and that blew them away. Control and confidence went through the roof.

Onto jumping and I worked hard on Mark’s mental skills and Nigel applied his natural pop to the 6ft tabletop and soon they were flying. Nigel even rode the 6ft gap jump a few times with a huge smile on his face as he did so.

We moved to the pump and jump trail to work on using all the techniques covered and linking multiple sections and corners together.

What a good session with two awesome guys.




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