After attending a mtb one to one session Nigel wanted to learn bmx. On meeting, myself and Mark Atkins began working on his aspirations of learning how to jump.
1st was the foam pit, where we got him used to taking off and adjusted his body position in the air. Next up was the roll into the resi ramp . Here we worked on where to push the bike into the take off and ironed out Nigel’s tendency to lurch to one side due to pulling.
We then rode hip jumps, volcanoes and spines, all the time reinforcing the basic skills set in to that particular technique.
Gradually, We worked Nigel through the jump line. We worked on linking the volcano to the 8ft quarter. Then the step up and the following 2 jumps.

We then worked on wall rides and step downs on the street section, where Nigel began really putting everything together. After a few runs of the jump line we called an end to a great session as tiredness really began to tell.