Nigel turned up as arranged and during the skills check I discovered that he needed work on his looking and his body positioning so I made a set up check to assist this. We began with the drop technique and he was landing perfectly from the word go using his new body position. From there we moved onto the skills trail where I concentrated on his cornering in particular and soon he was riding the entire trail faster and smoother than he’d ever ridden before and linked all 14 sections via line choice and control areas. Next up, we moved onto another trail and worked on riding steep drop off’s and linking jumps corners and absorbing on each section as required and I was also able to demonstrate why the skill set enabled him to move the bike in the air and begin to style.

We moved onto set another trail where we worked on absorbing and pumping sections of a trail to gain speed as he races Enduro’s and worked on linking 2 berms together and carrying speed through them to jump a 7ft gap jump. For our final application of physical and mental skill sets we worked on linking 9ft gap jump that was sandwiched between two berms. After a good few goes mentally and physically he was tired and our session ended there. What an amazing session, Nigel.

High 5!