Nige contacted me after one of his friends (Andy) recommended he attend a session with me.
After identifying his missing skills i began to install the missing ones right away. through unweighting, pumping and the dis connected bunny hop before moving onto drops and jumps.
Nige had some very solid ingrained skills already so it was my task to remove the bits he didn’t need to be doing. Slowly, the skill set began to really shine through as air time was gained and the mental skills began to develop.
From there we moved onto our first of 2 trails where we worked on cornering and oh boy did Nige really got to grips with it. section after section on the trail was smoothly linked and any braking was done in the correct zones. We ended that trail with a couple of end to end runs and Nige is the fastest rider I have coached on that trail!
Now we moved onto a tighter trail with loose corners and steeper entries and larger drop and gap jump sections, after a first look run, Nige smoothly ran through the whole trail easily and the smile was beaming. A few runs were done before we finally moved onto a even larger drop section to work on air time to get Nige used to flying further through the air and not react to ground rush. Our session only ended by the onset of mental fatigue.
have a great holiday Nige!