Nik’s session took a while to come round but he made the journey down and on meeting we chatted about his experiences and aspirations for the session. The skills check revealed he needed body positioning and looking skills enhanced and I made a set up change to help.
 We began with drops and the new mental and physical skills paid off straight away as he landed perfectly and never looked back, even styling it in the air. We quickly moved onto the skills trail and began working on cornering and linking sections on the trail together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pre jumping, fly out jumps, steps, rocks and drops. Soon, Nik was riding the whole trail end to end and smiling all the way.

  We moved from the trail to riding and dropping into steep stuff

 We rode the 6ft tabletop and styled the gap jump too!

  Nik wanted to ride gap drops so he linked the pump and jump trail to the herts woodwork too and even dropped a big wood to wwood gap drop way beyond anything he thought possible.

  Finally, he linked in a 9ft gap jump to the line also and the smile was beaming over his face as he said the session exceeded his wildest expectations. Our session ended after nearly 5hrs to a pint in the local pub to celebrate an awesome session.
 Great riding Nik, high5!