Everyone arrived from Norfolk, so as always, we started with the skills
checks where I discovered that I needed to work on looking, footwork and body positioning collectively in the group. I also had to change there set ups, and show them
why. We moved onto the drop technique, where a gave them a mental skills set, and they could choose which drop to ride. soon, everyone was riding a drop of their choice with more control than ever before. I then gave them a quick cornering exercise before moving onto the trail. we worked on this trail section by section, and soon everybody was riding top to bottom, linking both bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops, with more comfort and control than they had ever felt before. Our session came to an end on the pump and jump trail, where they where pumping through, and beginning to both jump and manual through the sections, as well as the choice of a wooden ladder gap at the end, which they used to there mental
skills set in order to be able to ride.
great session guys!
tony and nath.