Paul arrived as arranged and over a coffee, we chatted about his lack of confidence brought on from a series of crashes where he lost his front wheel. The skills check showed me exactly why this was happening and when I corrected his body positioning, Paul was blown away. We began with the drop technique and I began by demonstrating then it was Paul’s turn. It took a while but it then clicked and all 3 drops were no problem. I needed to work hard on his cornering so we spent time really drilling the looking and body positioning in as many applications as possible. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were all now a lot easier and as his control grew as did his confidence and he was now railing turns with a speed he couldn’t handle previously. On the skills trail we linked all 14 sections together and was flying along it. We took a break from the trail to work on steeper terrain and a near vertical drop off that Paul thought impossible, now was something he rode with ease.
 We ended our session on a different trail and worked on pumping and absorbing sections of trail to develop speed and carried that speed through three linked berms.
Amazing improvements today.