Brad, Steve and noel turned up as arranged and the 1st thing I did was see what they did naturally and what skills were present. I then began working on their missing skills before moving onto the drop technique where I worked on body position and looking so that I could get them to move the bike about in the air rather than being static.
From there we worked on drops into corners and the guys really got to grips with this as I worked on Steve’s fears in particular there.
Next, we moved onto tabletops and the guys soon got to grips with it before moving across to the 6ft gap jump and all clearing it several times with ease.

We then moved onto the ladders and beagn on a low ladder to work on peripheral fears before moving to a 7ft high ladder to drop and then we linked it into a wooden berm too!

Several drops were linked into the same wooden berm as they used their drop and cornering techniques to great effect. The effect of adrenalin took it’s toll and the session came to an end.
Rad session!