Paul and Tom booked in after recommendation from their friends Mark and Gill whom I coached earlier this year. I got to say, I loved every minute being in their company as it was a laugh with plenty of north/south banter and plenty of piss taking was going on.
 The skills check identified the areas that needed work and I made set up changes too. We began with applying both mental and physical skill sets to the technique required for drops and the ease of it all , once it had clicked blew them away. We moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop and the required techniques and they were soon flying and landing perfectly.
 The 6ft gap jump side was next on their menu and that flew by easily. After a coffee break, we resumed with cornering and its this that really took them by surprise as their new enhanced skills really gave them more grip and control in turns. 
We  then worked on linking a trail with multiple jumps and berms and began pumping, absorbing and jumping by choice and design. They noticed the second berm had a 7ft gap jump option and after I demonstrated it, they both rode that and then rode the 9ft gap step down that followed that. I was able to show why the skills made style easy and controlled and they learned and laughed in equal measure.
Over 5 and a half hours after we began, mentally they were tired and very very happy and an awesome session came to end and I know I have made to new friends too.
Amazing stuff, high5!